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Wales and the History of The World

A BBC programme called “Wales and the History of the World” aired again on BBC 1 Wales on Sunday 13th December, where the presenter, Eddie Butler, visited the museum and introduced Robert Owen as “the man who helped enlighten the “dark satanic mills around the world”. It was originally aired in March 2010.

Eddie Butler looked at the symbols and ideas we’ve chosen to represent us for the past 6,000 years, give or take a decade – everything from the red dragon to the red flag and from ancient burial mounds (via the bible) to the iPod. And it’s not just one way traffic into Wales. Eddie comes face to face with the man who helped enlighten the “dark satanic mills” around the world. He learns about a community in India that still sings Welsh hymns – Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau is their anthem, and they prefer lamb with mint sauce to a curry.

You can see the TV programme again on BBC’s IPlayer app online or using your TV and go to IPlayer and search for “Wales and the history of the world” or “History of Wales” and look for Episode 1: Ideas and it is 12 mins 28 secs into the half an hour programme when he visits the museum.

BBC programme

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