Robert Owen (14th May 1771 – 17th November 1858)

Robert Owen was born in Newtown in 1771. He was the father of the worldwide co-operative movement and pioneered free education and better working conditions for all. The museum celebrates Owen’s life and ideas in the town where he was born and died.
You can find out how a saddler’s son from Newtown became a wealthy industrialist and went on to become one of the most famous social reformers and thinkers of his age. You can learn how Owen improved the life of working people and how his ideas remain important today.

How to find the Robert Owen Museum

The Robert Owen Museum is in the impressive timber framed building, opposite the Town Clock. The museum is on the ground floor with a few steps at the entrance. Ramps can be installed to enable wheelchair access. More accessibility information. Entry is free but your donation is welcomed to keep this museum open. Please retry if an error message is displayed, the second attempt usually works.

There are two car parks within easy walking distance. The museum is ten minutes walk from the railway station. Traws Cymru bus services serve Newtown well.

Opening Times  : Weekdays only : 11am – 3pm, when it is opened by Newtown and Llanllwchaiarn Town Council, who open their service point in the same building. This summer, the museum is also being opened on the following Saturdays: 20th July and 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th August and 7th September (from 11am to 2:40pm)

Co-op group support the Robert Owen Museum by giving money to enable this website to be built in 2019

Our thanks go to the Co-operative Group Ltd for their sponsorship of this website.  They say, “Robert Owen’s place in the co-operative movement is fundamental.”  

Find out more about historic Newtown

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