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Robert Owen and the architect Joseph Hansom : An unlikely form of co-operation

New book by Penelope Harris
New book by Penelope Harris. Available for sale in the online shop.

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‘Robert Owen and the architect Joseph Hansom – An unlikely form of co-operation’

Llyfr newydd gan Penelope Harris
– a new book by Penelope Harris.  

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Colin Laker (Curator of the Robert Owen Museum), recently read this book. He has written a review of this book, which you can read here.

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Calendar 2021 Front Cover
New commemorative 250th Calendar. Available for sale in the online shop.

We still have remaining copies of our first product in the online shop for sale.

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Ways we remember him

March along the streets of Newtown

The people of Newtown have gathered and celebrated the birthday of Robert Owen on 14th May in many ways over the years. Cakes have been baked and eaten. Children have marched down the streets of Newtown and danced around his statue. Speeches have been made. Music has been played. Old and young people have met in social gatherings in Newtown to eat cake and drink tea. You can see some photographs below of the celebrations in Newtown in 2016 and 2017.

In 2020, the museum had to close, and celebrations were affected by the coronavirus pandemic – but a small number of people lay flowers at his statue even amid that world event to show their respect for him.
In 2021, people in Newtown will celebrate his 250th birthday, and other parts of the world, people will also join in these celebrations, as allowed. A calendar has been produced and is being sold online to raise funds for the charity that normally open the museum.

Lay flowers at the statue of Robert Owen in 2020
Lay flowers at his statue in 2020
Calendar 2021 Front Cover
Sell a calendar online
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249th birthday

Flowers at his statue on Thursday 14th May 2020
Flowers at his statue on Thursday 14th May 2020

Robert Owen was born on this day, 14th May in 1771, at No.2 Broad Street, Newtown, in Powys Mid Wales.

Regarded as Father of the Cooperative Movement and Trade Unions, he was one of the greatest social reformers of his time and of international significance. His work is of great importance and he was a philanthropist of the poor and vulnerable.

His 249th birthday came during the Coronavirus / Covid-19 pandemic. A large gathering was not possible, but a small number of local people laid flowers at his statue in Newtown, out of respect for him on his birthday.

Read more about his early life and birth in Newtown here

Watch a video describing his legacy here


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About Robert Owen

The story of Robert OwenRobert Owen was born in 1771. At 10, he was sent to London to be apprenticed as a draper and by his early twenties he was a successful manager in the mills of Manchester. The working conditions there appalled him. He believed character was formed by experience and that the dreadful environment of child workers would inevitably lead to damaged and dehumanised adults.

So when, in his late twenties, Owen became a partner and manager of a large cotton mill at New Lanark on the River Clyde, he decided to create a model environment. He improved the factory and village, built a school and provided a shop where quality goods could be bought at a fair price. The school curriculum included music, dancing and nature study. Visitors came from all over the world – even the Tsar of Russia.

Owen campaigned and lectured throughout his life. In 1812-13 he wrote “A New View of Society” which explained his vision. He tried to repeat the success of New Lanark when in 1824 he created a model community in New Harmony, Indiana. The ideal was a village based on co-operation and profit sharing. New Harmony and similar experiments by his followers did not succeed as he had hoped. But his ideas continued to have influence and one group of followers in Rochdale set up the famous Co-operative shop in 1844 and pioneered the world wide co-operative movement.

Owen returned to Newtown at the end of his life and died there in 1858. Factory reform and universal education were achieved in the 19th century, and Owen’s vision for fairness and social progress remains a source of inspiration today.

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