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  • Late 1809 Formed new partnership after dispute over new schools.
  • June 1812 Resigned as Manager after dispute over new schools.
  • 1813-14  Published ‘A New View of Society’, urging universal
  • Dec 1813 With new partners, bought back New Lanark, Manager
  • Mar 1815 Drafted Factory Bill, Sir Robert Peel promoting it in
  • Jan 1816 Opened Institution for the Formation of Character with
    infant school.
  • Mar 1817 Put forward Plan for Villages for Poor and Unemployed.
  • Aug 1817 Urged Villages of Co-operation for all classes.
  • 1821 Published ‘Report to the County of Lanark’, detailing
  • Apr 1825 Bought New Harmony, Indiana, for community experiment.
  • 1825-32 Over 400 co-operative societies, inspired by Owen’s
  • 1828 Returned to Britain after Community failed, cut New Lanark
  • 1832-34 Conducted ‘The Crisis’ – Owenite journal.
  • 1832 Opened National Equitable Labour Exchange – for
    exchange of goods.
  • 1834 Headed Grand National Consolidated Trades Union – first
    mass union.
  • 1834 After collapse of Union, formed Socialist society – the
  • 1834-46 Conducted ‘The New Moral World’ – Owenite weekly.
  • 1839 Owenites establish Queenwood Community, Stockbridge,
  • 1845 Community fails, Owen continues his mission on his own.
  • 1844 Formation of Rochdale Pioneers – start of Co-operative
  • 1857 Published ‘The Life of Robert Owen’.
  • Nov 1858 Returned to Newtown, and died on 17th November.

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