Virtual museum tour

Whenever the actual museum is closed,  you can still experience our virtual tour.

The ROM Virtual Museum is OPEN all hours. The physical museum is now open from 11am to 3pm weekdays. Some Saturdays in Summer are also manned by the dedicated volunteers (please contact us for up to date details each year of this).

Click here to enter.  You will find instructions and a link to enter the FRAME and click CONNECT and maybe speak with someone else who visits at the same time!  No Eventbrite pass needed. No chance of catching anything, no mask wearing needed, and no need to stay 2 metres away from anybody else!

Inside you can view photos of exhibits, play a video, listen to “Happy Birthday to Robert” in different languages, hear about 250th events worldwide, and enter a photosphere (a 360 degree photo view of statue and garden), and write a comment in the visitors “book”.

By keeping this open, we attract people on the website to read more about the life and legacy of Robert Owen, maybe buy a gift from the shop or make a donation or join the members or supporters of the museum.

Share this with a friend to promote the Robert Owen Museum today. Thanks.
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