The Robert Owen collection is housed in the ground floor of a listed building with three steps up to the main floor level. Accessibility ramps are available to be put into position when required.

Some doors are heavy and you may require assistance to open them.

The layout of the museum means that some areas are narrower than others. Moving a wheelchair around may be tricky in places, depending on the size of the wheelchair, but most areas are accessible.

There is a television in the foyer area showing a DVD about the life of Robert Owen, which can be viewed by everyone.

The museum does not currently have audio interpretation or braille signage.

A toilet is available for disabled use. It is on the same level as the museum, and spacious in the cubicle itself.

There is a disabled parking bay on High Street, within 30 metres of the museum. The museum is manned by Town Council staff. If you phone 01686 625544 in advance of your visit, it would help the staff to prepare for your needs.

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