Ways we remember him

March along the streets of Newtown

The people of Newtown have gathered and celebrated the birthday of Robert Owen on 14th May in many ways over the years. Cakes have been baked and eaten. Children have marched down the streets of Newtown and danced around his statue. Speeches have been made. Music has been played. Old and young people have met in social gatherings in Newtown to eat cake and drink tea. You can see some photographs below of the celebrations in Newtown in 2016 and 2017.

In 2020, the museum had to close, and celebrations were affected by the coronavirus pandemic – but a small number of people lay flowers at his statue even amid that world event to show their respect for him.
In 2021, people in Newtown will celebrate his 250th birthday, and other parts of the world, people will also join in these celebrations, as allowed. A calendar has been produced and is being sold online to raise funds for the charity that normally open the museum.

Lay flowers at the statue of Robert Owen in 2020
Lay flowers at his statue in 2020
Calendar 2021 Front Cover
Sell a calendar online
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