Welcome to a free virtual ROM museum exhibition for the 250th. This demonstrates one type of virtual software, called FRAME. It should work on most devices and on most browsers (e.g. Edge, Chrome, Firefox). It is a much better experience on a laptop. Some phones do not have enough memory. On tablets, the controls are more difficult so make sure you have used your tablet with a game first and so are quite proficient controlling movement without a full keyboard and mouse before entering this space.


  1. To start, click CONNECT. You can ignore the “Welcome to Frame” message that appears top right. You can minimise it. You do not need to create an account to view this exhibition today. You can go FULL SCREEN by pressing the VR button.
  2. To NAVIGATE around the exhibition:-  Move around with the ARROW keys or WASD keys, and tap and drag or use the Q and E keys to look around or rotate.
  3. To ENLARGE any photograph, you could move up closer to it, or click on the magnifying glass symbol (+) top left. To exit the enlarged view of the photo, click the (-) symbol.

Inside the exhibition, you can read about RO250 events around the world, watch a video about the museum, hear “Happy Birthday to Robert” sung in different languages, and enter a photosphere (it’s a globe floating up above you) or write a message on the comments board.

It can be experienced today in multi-user mode, where you can interact with other visitors to the museum, and talk to them as you would in a zoom meeting. 

It can also be experienced in single-user mode, where there is no interaction with others in the 3D space, so you can enjoy your visit on your own. 

Find out more about the life and legacy of Robert Owen here:-

Read more about Robert Owen :-
Overview of the life of Robert Owen https://www.robertowenmuseum.co.uk/overview
Early life of Robert Owen https://www.robertowenmuseum.co.uk/early-life
Faces of Robert Owen https://www.robertowenmuseum.co.uk/faces
About Robert Owen https://www.robertowenmuseum.co.uk/about
Robert Owen in 300 words https://www.robertowenmuseum.co.uk/300-words

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