School visit

A school visit arrives on Tuesday 23rd May, to be welcomed in by Rex Shayler (Chairman)
School arrives in the museum on Tuesday

“Yesterday, on the 22nd of May, 114 school students aged 11 to 13 from Newtown High School, descended on the Robert Owen Museum to learn more about this great Newtonian.

Starting the day at 09.30am the youngsters were split into 10 groups of 11 or 12 the day ended with the last group leaving the museum at around 14.20.

 For myself exhaustion never came into it as most of the youngsters seemed to enjoy themselves, I am sure the stories I told seemed to be of interest with questions from them as each group ended their tour.

I cannot thank my colleagues Sarah and Anne enough for their help and support over the day and I also thank the Town Council for putting up with the continuous perambulation in and out of the Museum, the teachers who came along also played their part in arranging the groups. It all worked very well, one more group today and now for a rest.               

 Many thanks to all.”    

Rex Shayler

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