RO251 birthday

There were four main events planned for Robert Owen’s birthday this year, which the museum was involved in. There was a virtual event and three events held in Newtown. These all occurred on Saturday 14th May, 2022, so it was a very busy day.

The Procession went well, with over 50 in attendance, much dancing and processing to music, and the weather was excellent making it a very enjoyable event. There were some late changes, but two politicians were able to attend on the day : namely Craig Williams (MP) and Adam Kennelly (County Councillor). Many thanks to Dewi Hughes (Trustee and Librarian) for making all the arrangements work so well, due to his preparation work and organisation on the day.

Thank you also to Ysgol Treowen, Newtown cubs, Craig Williams (MP) and Adam Kennelly for joining the 50 strong crowd which came to the 251st procession to the statue to celebrate the life, significance and work of Robert Owen. Best wishes to Geoff Bielby, who was unable to join us today. We wish him a speedy recovery from his recent illness and many thanks to members of Ffonic (on flutes) and Andrew Bond (on drum) for stepping in as replacement musicians at last minute. Many thanks also to Plaxy for organising two lovely dances, performed by schoolchildren from Ysgol Treowen school.

You can view a short video of the procession in Newtown here. It is also on Youtube.

You can view a short slideshow of the procession in Newtown here. It is also on Youtube.

And here are some short photo galleries of some photographs taken on 14/5/22, by Andy Newham.

  1. The Procession –  (organised by Robert Owen Museum) 
  2. The unveiling of new sculpture for RO250  (organised by RO250 project) 
  3. Heritage hub event, where Robert Owen Museum hosted a stand  (organised by Heritage Hub 4 Mid Wales)

Hope you enjoy viewing the photographs of these enjoyable events held on Saturday 14th May, to help celebrate the 251st birthday of Robert Owen.


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