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Dewi Hughes (Museum Librarian and International Coordinator) visited New Lanark in Scotland on 24th August, 2023. There is a new digital display in the museum now, which displays his photographs (24 in total).
My visit to New Lanark in August was very worthwhile.  Firstly, in maintaining good relations between our teams. Secondly, in securing further relevant  books for our collection (subject to registration of which to be arranged with museum curator, Colin Laker). Thirdly, in terms of finding the following key document, which shows that Owen was against slavery in principle, (as we thought) and wrote against it in an article, published February 1856 in the Millenial Gazette (Ed. Robert Owen).  He advocated a practical, gradual abolition, prior to the Civil War.
1. New Lanark village now comprises half bought houses and half rented. The rent is low (£300) and is a popular alternative to our national obsession with home-ownership. Is this not a more general way forward to meet the challenge of accommodation? There are interesting analogies between the New Lanark apartments and the famous Glasgow tenements.
2. New Lanark village is ecologically friendly as you can see from one of the pics! (See below). Many other towns and villages in Wales are in places of natural beauty. The Owenite communitarian way could make our lifestyles more sustainable; more walking and cycling, less driving. There is a green aspect to Owen’s vision, relevant to the future.
3. There is a New Lanark Council which represents residents, who are forthright! (Perhaps we need more of that here.)
4. Andy Cuthbertson (Heritage Officer, New Lanark) is interested in a joint celebration of the New Harmony 1825/2025 bicentenary celebration. They will have another intern from the University of Indiana next summer, who could be involved in preparing.
Pictured below, Dewi outside Robert Owen’s house.  Best wishes,  Dewi, (Dewi R Hughes)
Dewi pictured outside RO house - 240823
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