Into the digital age..

Photo frame displays contents of the Almanack

This is our first step into the world of modern technology inside our museum and has given us the opportunity for further considerations for greater use of the same in the future, as it allows us to safely display reference material and precious assets and books which might get damaged with continual touch and handling. Although these valuable items are under lock and key, we are using this method to preserve them but still display them in public.

Rex Shayler (Chairman)

Although the almanac exhibit remains protected behind glass, requests can be made to examine it more closely – if desired (by pre-booked appointment only – contact us here).

You can view some of the almanac’s contents on the slideshow provided by the digital photo frame installed by Andy Newham in the museum now (Museum open Mon-Fri 11am – 3pm).

Allsop Almanack framed in gold

We are hoping to now install other digital photo frames in the museum, to digitally enhance and extend the museum, to allow illustration via photo slideshow and videos to talks about Robert Owen, and to extend the limited museum space to include photographs provided by the curator, Colin Laker, and also contributions to the other organisations promoting Robert Owen in USA and Scotland ; namely History New Harmony (USA) and New Lanark (Scotland).

(Andy Newham, IT Contractor for the museum)


If you want to read more about the Allsop Almanac, click the following links (incl. bi-lingual version)

Allsop Almanack

About the Almanack (bi-lingual)

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