Celebrating RO250th with Iolo Williams

Celebrating 250 Years : 1771 - 2021
Celebrating 250 Years : 1771 - 2021
Iolo Williams
Iolo Williams
Newtown & Llanllwchaiarn Town Council and Robert Owen Memorial Museum have planned for 2021, a short film to commemorate Robert Owen’s 250th birthday to be recorded and released online on 14/5/21, which will include speeches from Newtown dignitaries; including a famous naturalist, Iolo Williams and ROMM staff, about the significance of Robert Owen’s life and why we celebrate particularly the date of his birthday in Newtown. Iolo will no doubt speak about Robert Owen and his interest in nature.

This short video, lasting between 20-30 mins, will be released on Friday morning, on the date of Robert Owen’s birthday, on 14/5/21. It will have three sections.

1) The first section will be speeches from Rex Shayler (Chairman of ROM) as compere, who will do the welcome and introduce the other speakers, who are; Colin Laker (Museum Curator), Dewi Hughes (Museum Librarian) and special guest, Iolo Williams (TV wildlife personality on BBC’s Springwatch). Iolo will appear on another series of SpringWatch on BBC TV again from Wales from 26th May 2021.

2) The second section will contain some slides showing famous quotations of Robert Owen.

3) The third section will premiere a demonstration of a virtual museum putting Newtown ahead with the use of this new VR technology.

View the film after its release on 14/5/21 on the following social media pages - links included below.


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