253rd Birthday

Flowers at statue (1) 253rdRobert Owen Museum held an event on Saturday 11th May with a birthday procession and a celebration of Robert Owen’s 253rd birthday, which started and ended at the museum building in Broad Street, Newtown at 11am – 12 noon.

On Saturday 11th May 2024, there was a select and loyal gathering which started walking from the museum building in Broad Street, Newtown, to mark the 253rd birthday of Robert Owen. At the statue, Dewi Hughes (Museum trustee) spoke about the significance of Robert Owen, and some learned to do some French dancing and commemorative flowers were laid at the foot of the statue. The event finished back at the museum at 12 noon, where refreshments were provided, to accompany a piece of commemorative birthday cake.

“The sun shone on the celebrations for Robert Owen’s Birthday, where, outside the museum a number of people gathered ready for the walk down to the Robert Owen garden. A French style dance was arranged around his statue to the sound of music. Following this, back at the Museum, a welcome drink and a slice of a well iced cake was available to all comers.
A joyful way on a joyful day to celebrate the life and legacy of this great man.”
Rex Shayler (Chairman Robert Owen Museum

It was good to see a faithful crowd join in celebrating the birthdate of this special and significant person, who was born and died in Newtown.

Gathering by statue - 253rd

French dancing by statue

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