Date of his death

17/11/58 is the date of Robert Owen's death
          The date of Robert Owen’s death


Robert Owen returned to his birthplace to die in November 1858, passing away on the 17th November with his eldest son Robert Dale Owen at his side.

The funeral of Robert Owen took place under a shadow of controversy five days later.
Three mourning societies were present at the funeral. These were; Newtown First Benefit, Friendly & Victoria Societies. They championed the poor and vulnerable of Newtown. As well as chief mourners, his son and Pryce Pryce-Jones and his sons, there were also some of his friends and there were twelve infant children who followed the coffin.

When the procession left the Cross, all business in Newtown was suspended. The streets were crowded. The medical and clerical professions and manufacturers joined the procession which proceeded to St David’s Church where the Reverend Mr Edwards MA officiated. Mr A A Evans played the dead march Saul, very effectively as the procession left for St Mary’s Church for the burial.

The Churchyard was crowded and even the windows of the ruined church where Robert Owen was christened were thronged. Mr Allsop (Allsop Shop in High Street) observed an elfish old woman holding up two elfin black-eyed children who were wild and picturesque.

in 2020, it was not possible to celebrate the date of his death. In other years, people have gathered at the churchyard on 17th November, but due to restrictions caused by the coronavirus outbreak, people remembered him and posted to social media instead.

We have added this article to remember him as the staff were unable to gather in a public place during 2020, as per his birth date in May 2020.

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