252nd Birthday

Birthday cake for 252nd
Birthday cake for 252nd

A message from our Chairman:-

Dear All,
 What a beautiful day to celebrate Robert Owen and what an overall great performance from schoolchildren from Maesyrhandir CP school with their dance routines, led by Plaxi. This year we also had a team from the newly named Robert Owen Scout Group with flags flying leading up to the presentation of a plaque from the Museum commemorating their change of title.
Particular thanks to Dewi Hughes (Museum Librarian and Trustee) for arranging the school group, the lovely cake and the refreshments,. Also, thanks to Sarah and Ann for their very welcome all round help . And thanks to Andy Newham for the photography.
This was the best attended celebration day I remember, the crowds helping to demolish the cake, and a general feeling of a happy occasion, that’s how it should be.
Worthwhile in every sense.”  Rex Shayler

View photographs of the day below (by A. Newham  @ 13th May, 2023)

View a slideshow of colour photographs below (all videos available on Youtube)

View a video of a colourful dance around the statue by a local school

View a video of another colourful dance around the statue by a local school

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